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Touchless car wash machine CH-200

Risense touchless car wash machine is qualified to wash and spray foam, water and wax automatically, which covers small space and operates easily; There is no need for customer to concern the car paint destroyed by the brush since it is brushless. The dual-swing-arm spraying system ensures the easy and complete full-scope cleaning.

Features :
1. No brush has a touch on car body directly keep the car safer.
2. Two arms can move freely which provides 360°spray on the vehicle surface while using less
    water than other spray systems.
3. To wash the car, spray the foam and water wax fully automatic.
4. High cleaning efficacy and easy to operate means more car can be washed.
5. The space for the machine is less and keeps more energy efficiency.
6. Humanized operation panel with CPU and voice prompt every progress.
7. High quality gear motor from Japan can work well in any conditions.
8. The frequency changer on walking system can control the running speed precisely which
    make the foam and water sprayed properly.
9. With on-site installation for free and long time quality guarantee.


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