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A new Generation of Chemical Guys Products is coming....a new generation of acrylic technology involving the addition of an acrylic polymer in the composition of a glaze, or in some new product cases even a wax. This new  technology creates a situation that allows the strong ionic polymer to adhere to the surface of the acrylic or urethane top coat, delivering unparalleled shine and protection.  A variety of new formulations involving the emulsification of Acrylic Shine II allows for maximum repellency of dirt and  reduces the  static charge on the vehicle surface and wheels..



"From my 2008 S550 Black Mercedes Benz to my 64" and 68" Impala, nothing brings out the beautiful color like EZ-Creme Glaze, Easy on Easy off"  

~ Andrew Baker 23 years paint Shop Owner.

EZ-Creme Glaze Deepens the depth and color of any finish for superior results:

  • delivers unparalleled shine and protection , just wipe-on, wipe-off
  • superior glaze formulated with an Acrylic Primer Surface  Activator engineered to work with your paint surface upon contact delivering unmatched shine & brilliance
  • delivers a bright sheen on  vehicle surface, as a result of  the light reflectance through the acrylic molecule.
  • paint perfection in a bottle
  • superior shine-enhancing ability coupled with the durability of  Acrylic Polymer Resins.
  • formulated to amplify your paint s shine and improve the clarity.
  • engineered to work with your paint and clear coat bonding to surfaces reducing slight imperfections in the paint.
  • restore the shine and eliminate haze.
  • not a polish or wax. It is strictly a shine-enhancing agent that will produce a dramatic wet look on your paint.
  • formulated with Acrylic Polymer Resins to increase that  "Eye-Popping" deep gloss
  • extreme ease of use
  • can be applied after polishing, or  before wax or sealant.

Shine:             Low 1 2 3 4 5 6  7 8 9 10 High 
Wet Shine:      Low 1 2 3 4 5 6  7 8
9 10 High 
Protection:       Low 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
8 9 10 High  

Scent: Crazy Grape

With many glazes to choose from, Chemical Guys offers a premium glaze  for every use. 

Lets talk Glazes:

A glaze is a polish without any cleaning properties. Glazes are used primarily to improve the shine  brilliance and clarity of paint.

Glazes are primarily used by body shops for finishing jobs or simply to bring out the high brilliance of paints on vehicle. Glazes are also commonly used on show vehicles to achieve a "High-Luster or wet-look".

Glazes do not replace polishing. If polishing in necessary on a surface that has minor swirls and imperfections In order to achieve the best superior results the a surface should be polished with a premium polish like Pro-Polish+ or All-IN-1.

Recommended Application: May be applied using: Hand/Orbital/High Speed Buffer. For Orbital and High Speed Buffers use according to desired needs.

Directions for Hand Application:


  1. Apply a thin coat working small 1-2 foot area at a time using quality cotton or micro fiber  cloth or applicator pad.

  2. On top panels, use front-to-back hand motions. On side panels, use up-and-down hand motions. This helps improve reflectivity. Heavy rubbing is not necessary.

  3. Carefully spreading it in uniform consistency. With another dry, clean towel gently wipe clean.

  4. Glaze entire car to a brilliant luster.

  5. Apply regular to enhance luster and keep your vehicle looking its best.

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