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5050-Limited Edition Paste Wax



best paste waxFINALLY THE WAIT IS OVER THE NEW BATCH OF 5050 is here. Thanks to everyone that made 5050 a huge success worldwide. Thanks to all the premium high-end magazines, OEM's, Dealerships, Distributors and friends who wrote countless articles on line raving about 5050. Thanks for the countless articles in magazines featuring 5050 and most importantly thanks for spreading  the word about this superior paste wax.

"Guaranteed the best paste wax at  any price........"


The Best Paste Wax just got better, everyone who orders 5050 will receive 2 Premium Dura-Foam applicators free.


 Best Paste Wax




When one of the top leading Auto-Magazine LUXURY & EXOTIC Writes a buyers guide on premium car care products, and they select 5050 a Chemical Guys must have to feature, we can't help but get all excited!  Thanks to everyone world- wide that made 5050 the premium paste wax of choice. 


Chemical Guy products have been and continue to be successful in all of our markets and as we expand globally through the help of great distributors, amazing friends, distinguished car collectors, customers and wonderful friends like yourself who spread the word about our products…..and for this we thank you!Best Paste Wax







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We hope that our 5050 Connoisseurs Paste Wax far exceeds all of your expectations.5050 is based on a custom formula developed for connoisseurs and perfectionists looking to achieve the deepest possible shine and depth with unmatched brilliance. 5050 Creates a deep brilliant finish that comes to life under changing light. 5050 was released in limited quantity for our clients, friends, professionals, and the car loving public that has for years been asking us to offer a show stopping premium end paste wax.  5050 is a limited production hand poured paste wax.  The Chemical Guys Paste Wax mixture and emulsification process requires 18 hours of blending at a precise temperature to assure a micro fine emulsion paste. The complete process of production takes 8 days from start to finish.


To ensure the highest quality, most premium paste wax available without any separation and proper emulsification the final wax emulsion is poured at a precise temperature into the heat resistant tins.  The poured emulsion is then cooled at ideal room temperature in an air tight environment to limitBest Paste Wax precipitation and to ensure that no contamination or airborne materials come in contact with the paste.  After 24 hrs of cooling each product is tested, against any kind of separation or imperfection.  The approved tins are placed into a cold chamber binding cooler to harden the emulsion and prepare the product to be sealed and packaged for car enthusiast, professionals and auto lovers everywhere to enjoy. Each Tin is signed and numbered by an authorized Chemical Guys Quality assurance specialists, guaranteed to be of the finest quality product at any price. Like all Chemical Guys Products 5050 is 100% backed by our unconditional Money back Guarantee. Your happiness and business success is our satisfaction, if any of our products don’t meet and exceed your expectations simply return the remainder of the product for a full refund. Word travels fast about great products and for this we thank you! 

 Thank you for your friendship and support. We greatly look forward to hearing how the  products work for you, please send us pictures, e-mails or just call any time!



Best Regards,


Chemical Guys Team


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