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Chemical Guys Extreme All-In-One is a silicone free, acrylic formula that polishes, shines and protects your cars paint in one easy step. Strong enough to remove serious scratches, while it finishes so fine leaving a perfect like new shine.

As its name suggests, it works in three ways- the polish removes oxidation, light scratches, swirl and scuff marks; the shine part does just as you’d expect- it brings back the shine of your paint giving you a deep, lustrous shine; and the sealant locks it all in. The effects of All in 1 should last up to 6 months, for even greater results and protection finish off with a separate sealant.

This can be used by hand or by machine and as it’s silicone free it can be used on recently painted surfaces.

There is no drying time, simply wipe on wipe off. You’ll be left with amazing shine that is deflects dust and reduces water spots. It is a very effective product for use by both hand and machine.

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What is so Great about it?

  • silicone free one step HIGH GLOSS FINAL POLISH leaves the
  • removes 1500-3200 grit sand scratches
  •  surface shining like it was wet in one step.
    • silicone free means you get true results, what you see is what you get even after weeks of washing this is a true polish that prepares any paint for the perfect sealant.
    • works great as a final step product that produces an exceptional shine.
    • rapidly removes light scrathes,key scratches, and most imperfections
      • Brings back that showroom shine.
      • removes light scratches and swirl marks resorting color and shine
      • superior surface cleaner coupled with shining agents and enhanced with our unique no wax synthetic sealant.
      • body shop safe, premium gloss & shine after water sanding
      • will remove: oxidation, light scratches, scuff marks, minor swirls, old wax, and other surface blemishes; leaving a beautiful and deep acrylic shine.
      • silicone free means you get true results, what you see is what you get even after weeks of washing this is a true polish.
      • polishes &
      • exfoliates impurities, bringing out your paints maximum shine, minimizes scratches and swirls and dissolves water spots while leaving the surface mirror smooth and reflective.

      What pad should I use? (click on picture to get to the pad)


      Orange Light Cutting Pad-This firm, high density foam is ideal for scratch and defect removal. The orange foam offers the correction of a typical compounding pad whilst at the same time allowing the polishing ability of light cut foam pad. When used with heavier compounds it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze. It s an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

      Lake Countries CCS Technology revolutionize foam buffing pads. The patented Collapsed Cell Structure Technology is the result of many years research and development by Lake Country manufacturing.

      Tested an approved at OEM levels, these pads using strategic patterns of partially closed cells reduce the rate of polish absorption, improves operator control whilst at the same time reducing heat.

      Abrasive Meter


      LIght                               Medium                       Heavy Duty




      All-In-1  is excellent for hand polishing applications, or it can be used effectively with a high speed or orbital buffer.

      Hand Application

      1. For best results use out of direct sunlight.  Bright light and direct sunlight will reflect off of the surface glaring your vision and not allow for optimal view of scratches and swirls.

      2. Using a clean terry towel or  microfiber applicator pad or towel, apply a quarter size amount of product..

      3. Work in small areas, applying using a small circular motion.

      4. Rub until dry. Buff away excess product. Repeat as necessary.

      Machine Application:

      1. Select the best  polishing pad to be used with your buffer. (preferably a new or clean one)

      2. Apply enough polish to work 2'(foot) by 2'(foot) area..

      3. Apply polish to affected area using light to medium even pressure until nearly dry.

      Allow polish to dry, then buff to a deep gloss.

      After Polish:

      1. All-In-One will is formulated to protect and clean in one easy step

      2. Remember for optimal protection and durability  follow all polish with a wax or paint sealant.

      3. Though Extreme All-In-1  will outshine most waxes it does not contain any waxes, or silicones.

      4. For the perfect finish we suggest following a great All-In-1 Polish with a finishing Polish. FP-Finishing polish that will leave any surface screaming with shine!


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