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Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant SUPER DETAILER (16oz)  NEW!



clear film sealant

Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant  provides a durable protective wet mirror-like finish to all paint surfaces and clear-bra covered surfaces. 

Maximize the appearance of any finish while extending life of any finish. Clear-Seal delivers maximum  depth, shine, clarity, reflectivity  and wet mirror like shine. 

The unique formulation of Clear Seal enables it to removing airborne contaminants dust and residue without ever scratching the surface.  Paint can easily be buffed out but Clear-Bra finishes are delicate and polishing often leads to blur or haze. Maintain a scratch-free perfect finish with Clear-Seal.

Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant  has the first ever water based built in UV SUN-GUARD and FADE-GUARD, developed especially to enhance the glass-like appearance of Clear-Bra and Clear Protective Films, Clear Seal delivers the only true  UV protection of its kind. Developed to resistant extreme temperatures and protect paint and Clear-Bra finishes from the damaging and fading effects of the sun.

Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant  is 100% streak free and idea for use on all painted surfaces,  glas surfaces, fiberglass, clear-bra, clear protective film and is 100^ clear coat safe.


Why settle for sell when you can have the best with Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant¡­.. Just Spray and wipe!

clear film protection" I have never seen my baby shine the way it did after using your Clear Seal Detailer. The car was in transport for 5 days before making it to the show.  I just hit it fast with a monster towel and Clear Seal an wow.  The shine on my car brings a smile to my face every time I use your products"

~Tony Pinot Florida.

WHY USE Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant for Clear Bra Finishes?

Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant is a revolutionary New Protective Paint & Film/Clear Bra Detailer and sealant designed to clean, shine and protect clear bra /clear protective film and headlight protective film, as well as convertible isinglass and transparent vinyl windows.

The most advanced quick detailer and clear protective gloss enhancer sealant.  Designed for the finest paints and clear bra paint protection film. Clear Seal leave a superior shine coupled with durable UV protection.  This cutting edge formulation delivers  industry an leading superior finish  coupled with extended durability and anti-static anti-fading properties.  It¡¯s fast and easy, just spray and wipe.

clear braCLEAR-SEAL is engineered for all Clear BRA, Clear Film and protective film. Formulated with a UV blocker  FILM EVOLUTION is uniquely formulated to work on all clear bra, complete paint protective films, smoked out or dark protective film for headlights and taillights and clear headlight protective films as well.

Cleat Film Protects your car, Clear Seal Protects your film.




CLEAR SEAL DETAILER  can be applied after every wash or used as a cleaner  in-between washes to keep the film¡¯s finish glossy and resistant to stains and discoloration.  Naturally derived specialty cleaners emulsify dirt lifting it away from the surface so that it can be easily and gently wiped off of the surface with the use of a microfiber towel. Specializing UV protectants lubricate clear film extending durability and restoring a vibrantly glossy shine.POLISH CAR POLISH

All Clear Bra /Protective Films products were not created equally. Many regular cleaners, all purpose cleaners and quick detail style products can actually be harmful to the film. Cleaning agents can often times dry the clear film material leading to friction while wiping that can often result in a scratching or marring of the clear bra leading to a ¡°matt¡± finish look. Many aerosol cleaning products use propellants to discharge the cleaner onto the surface that can stain or damage clear bras. Unlike traditional aerosol cleaners CLEAR FILM EVOLUTION does not utilize harmful propellants to propel cleaners onto the surface.

Clear Film Evolution is specifically engineered to clean, shine and protects clear protective films restoring and reviving gloss while protecting against the elements.

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